Bridge Deck & walkway Preparation

Surface Preparation Applications

Bridge Deck & Walkway Preparation

Surface Preparation Applications

Bridge surface removal paint preparation
Bridge surface removal paint preparation

Shipping & Marine Surface Preparation

Bridge decks, whether concrete, latex modified or asphalt top, need routine maintenance to keep them in optimal form. In some cases, the whole surface may need to be removed.

In general, bridges are complex structures that require a high degree of precision to achieve the desired finished profile and mistakes can be costly. This is where the highly experienced staff at SPE Contracting can help; with many years of experience in this field on some of the biggest bridges in the UK, we can ensure that any of your forthcoming bridge preparation projects are completed with diligence and efficiency.

Preparing the Concrete / Steel substrate after Surface Removal

Bridges are constantly in battle with the elements as well as the tremendous wear and tear they undergo from traffic. Whether latex modified or asphalt top, cleaning, removing surface contaminants, anti-skid and line markings are a regular activity in bridge maintenance. But it is inevitable that at some stage the whole surface may need to be replaced as the deck, waterproof membranes, etc. fail.

A properly prepared and profile surface is essential. Our contracting staff have the expertise to make sure the desired finish is achieved. Failure to achieve the precision required here can be a costly mistake.

Complete removal of surface and membrane on bridge deck
Shot blasted cleaned bridge steel walkway

In certain circumstances, it may be desirable to provide a new coating / surface to the bridge deck. This may be especially so with deep contamination and when any protective membranes fail.

On many steel bridge decks this can involve the scarifying / planing of the top thin polymer surface prior to the removal of any failed surface. The bridge walkways may also be processed at the same time if required.

Thorough cleaning and profiling using captive shot blasting then follows.

Keeping Things Optimal

More often, remedial work is necessary to keep the bridge deck in top condition. This needs skilled contractors to make such the work is done quickly to ensure any highway closure is kept to a minimum.

Like most a great deal of highways, basic maintenance can involve any of the following services:

  • Surface re-texturing
  • Line marking removal
  • Cleaning / Removal of surface contaminants
  • Anti-skid / Anti-slip removal
  • Surface levelling / removal of high spots

Bridges We Have Worked On

Over the years, SPE Contracting has had the pleasure to have involvement in the surface preparation of some of the most beautiful bridges in the UK.

Below are a few examples clearly showing the working process and the finish we achieve – even over steel seems and bolts. We are experts at preparing the surface to the exact requirements of our customers.



Foyle Bridge, Ireland
Foyle Bridge Shot Blasting Near Steel Seams
Preparing main steel bridge deck on Foyle Bridge
Grinding and Shot Blasting the Foyle Bridge
Surface grinding to remove remove spots and process seems on Foyle Bridge

KESSOCK BRIDGE – Inverness, Scotland

Kessock Bridge - Inverness Scotland
Preparing Kessock Bridge Surface with MP6000
Shot Blasting and Surface Stripping Kessock Bridge
Shot Blasting Rusted Steel Surface prior to Anti Corrosive Coating on Kessock Bridge
Shot Blasted and Caoted Steel Surface on Kessock Bridge
Exposing Bolts and Joints on Kessock Bridge
High Quality SA2.5 Standard Shot Blast Finish on Kessock Bridge Steel Deck


Avonmouth Bridge
MP6000 Planing Avonmouth Bridge
Shot Blasting Concrete on Avonmouth Bridge
Shot Blasting Steel on Avonmouth Bridge
Surface Grinding Steel Seems and Rough Spots on Avonmouth Bridge
Finished Steel Surface Profile
Finished Concrete Profile