Surface Preparation Applications


Surface Preparation Applications

Removal of Carpet Tile from Floor
Floor Carpet Tile Stripping

Removing Floor Coverings

From shops, offices, sports halls, warehouses to residential care homes – flooring like carpeting, vinyl and tile is common place. Re-purposing of the floor space, failure of the covering and or substrate beneath are all reasons why the it may be necessary to remove the covering.

SPE Contracting has a vast amount of experience in removal of floor coverings, offering the right balance between machine type, removal rate and operator experience to achieve a high quality, cost effective service.

Is Floor Stripping Necessary?

Some flooring contractors opt to leave an old covering in place and simply lay a new one on top. This at best is a risky strategy, often leading to a premature failure of the new flooring, requiring the stripping back of more than one surface to the original substrate (usually concrete or flooring compound). This can vastly increase the cost of a flooring project…

It isn’t always possible to see the failure of a floor beneath a covering, but modern day flooring compounds and adhesives are designed to grab the coverings they adhere to as much as possible. Any weakly bonded floor underneath will be stressed by the adhesives and flooring compounds causing it to crack and fail.

Both skill and the correct choice of machine are required to strip away as much of the adhesives as possible whilst the old covering is removed. It is still sometimes necessary to grind the surface to remove any remaining adhesives and high spots.

Surface Grinding Epoxy on Stripped Floor

Surface grinding epoxy after floor stripping process

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Even when it comes to the largest ares, and more importantly – when it is more convenient for a premises to remain occupied whilst floor stripping, SPE Contracting has solutions.

We have access to some of the most powerful Floor Stripping machines available – the Terminator range of Floor Strippers by Innovatech. All these machines are designed to fit through a standard doorway and are able to remove some of the toughest coverings – from bonded carpet to terrazzo.

Without compromising on power and manoeuvrability, Innovatech have pioneered a range of Battery Operated Terminators. This allows us to undertake projects where there is no risk of intoxicating fumes or contaminants emitted, keeping it safe around people.

Infinity Battery Operated Floor Scraper

Typical Applications

We undertake floor stripping projects in a number of areas including (but not limited too) retail outlets, factories, hospitals, schools, leisure centres, universities and airport terminals for example.

What we typically remove

  • Bonded carpet, sheet vinyl, and linoleum
  • Woodblock, cork
  • Tiles, terrazzo
  • De-bonded membranes, failed latex
  • Sports surfaces
  • Failed screed
  • Excess adhesive, mastic contaminants
  • Line marking from PF concrete