Roads, Highways and Pedestrian Areas

Surface Preparation Applications

Roads, Highways and Pedestrian Areas

Surface Preparation Applications

Roads Highways Pedestrian Surface Preparation
Roads Highways Pedestrian Surface Preparation

Surface preparation for Roads, Highways and Pedestrianised Areas

All forms of highway need regular maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. SPE Contracting have a wealth of experience in this area and can offer exceptional service when it comes to surface preparation projects involving all forms of highways – including pedestrian precincts and walkways.

SPE Contracting has well over 35 years of experience in the preparation of all manner of the surfaces and lower substrates used in highway and pedestrian areas. From routine maintenance to complete surface removal, we have the skill, experience and machines to complete a project in time, on budget and to the highest levels of satisfaction.

Some of the processes we undertake in this surface preparation application area are:

Line Marking Removal

Road Line Marking Removal

Line markings on asphalt surfaces can be similarly removed using the captive blasting technique, preserving the integrity of the underlying asphalt surface structure.

Cleaning & Removal of Surface Contaminants

Cleaning & removal of surface contaminants is a common task on concrete and asphalt surfaces and is primarily achieved using dust free, environmentally friendly captive shot blasting techniques. A keyed surface also results for the application of thick coatings if required.

Surface Levelling / Removal of High Spots

Surface levelling / removal of high spots on concrete surfaces can be achieved using surface planing techniques. This can often be quicker and more cost effective than using more complex levelling compounds. In cases where significant depths of concrete need to be removed, cold planing (or milling) becomes the surface preparation technique of choice, leaving a keyed surface with anti-skid properties that can be used as a temporary highway. In certain circumstances where a greater degree of control is needed for the desired finish, surface grinding may be employed. This is more common on walkways and in pedestrianised areas.

Surface Re-Texturing

Re-Textured Concrete Surface on Bus lane
Re Textured Asphalt on Road Highway

Surface re-texturing using captive shot blasting techniques is a process where small steel shot is propelled at speed onto the asphalt surface,removing deeply embedded surface contaminants, dirt and grit. This dust free,environmentally friendly process restores the asphalt surface texture without damaging the surface structure with speed and efficiency.

Deep Asphalt & Concrete Removal

Deep Surface Planing Milling of Highway

Asphalt & concrete removal to much greater depths is often required when a complete, new flexible / asphalt surface is to be reapplied on roads and highways. Cold Planing (or Milling) is the primary method of choice in such tasks, eliminating the need for complex levelling courses whilst leaving a highly skid resistant surface that can be used by traffic until the new surface can be applied.